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The Climate Reality Teacher Training Programme forms a basic outline to know facts about Climate Change. Moreover it brings all the teachers to one single platform and equips them to answer questions posed by school children. I would highly recommend all fellow teachers to do the course and get more confident in finding solutions to the problems along with their students. Personally, it was easy for me as I had already undergone a training with Mr. Al Gore. Yet, it made me more confident.

Mona Datta
Vasant Valley School

A great opportunity to sit back at your leisure and learn all that you had wanted to know about the dynamics of global warming and climate change related issues.

Sonia Kapoor
Modern School Barakhamba

It was an enriching experience. From exposure to the sustainability approaches that we experienced in Australia to the model lesson plan that we prepared has given a new insight to the teaching learning process. The association that we developed while in Australia is still going b. I am doing an oline project with Ms. Tracy on Carbon footprint and very soon will be exchanging data gathered by our students via skype.

Ritesh Sharma
Apeejay School

Being part of this online teachers training programme was very enriching and it helped me to upgrade myself. I was abke to take the knowledge gained into the classroom which made learning more interesting and meaningful for my students and enabled them to aporeciate nsture and be sensitive to the environment.

Jyoti Paul
Springdales School

The online TTP was a robust program that helped me update my knowledge and understanding of Climate Change and Sustainability at my own pace. The references,links and articles shared n the site was a great resource that I could use in my classroom teaching as well.We live in an age where Climate Change is a reality,its time to sustainable living is the only solution. All teachers irrespective of the subject they teach must learn to weave in the topics in their classroom interactions.This course would equip them to do so.

Susan Thomas
The Foundation School